7zX File Archiver Compression Data Tool

7zX is a file archiver that gives you superior compression ratio. Compression ratios mostly depend on the data used in the tests. The 7zX compresses to the 7z format 30 to 70% better than to zip format and 2 to 10% better than most of the other programs that are zip compatible.

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7zX Requirements: You should have 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended) and loads of free disk space. What’s special about the latest Release (7zX 1.7.1) The bug which made 7zX to generate bus errors on some machines is supposed to be fixed now. And software update ought to work properly once again.

Pros and Cons:  This zip archiver works easy after you get used to it. So it is very easy to create pw’d archives. However, it is tough to get used to just the drag and drop approach. Overall, this zip archiver is very straightforward to apply, after you get to know about how to bring the files to it. By directly clicking on the app icon you will get a shell terminal, and then a caution that it works only through drag and drop. Once you install it by dragging to Applications, it gets there, but clicking on it just mounts the icon onto the desktop. Then you drag files to it, it opens up a prompt window for you to enter password, etc, and finally your zip file is ready.

How to use 7zx

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