Adium – Messaging Client for Mac OS X

Adium is a resourceful instant messaging client with a stylish interface. Adium supports instant messaging protocols such as Google talk, Yahoo, MSN, Aim, Jabber, ichat, icq, etc.

Adium for Mac, Download Adium for Mac, Review of Adium for Mac, adium for mac lion, adium for macbook proIf you like to chat with many people at the same time, you’ll love Adium’s tabbed messaging feature, where a single window can hold several conversations in separate tabs. Also, Adium supports off-the- record messaging. This helps you to carry out private conversations via instant messaging with people using Mac, windows or Linux. The functionality and appearance of Adium can be perked up using the add-ons library that you can see here.

Pros: Adium is simple to use and easy to configure exactly the way you prefer. Its website offers immense support for users who may try to directly tweak the program from its source. Furthermore, new custom-made extras can be uploaded or installed in a straightforward way; this is also entirely supported by Adium’s development team.

Cons: Adium depends on Libgaim for its functionality at the protocol-level. This implies that audio/ video capabilities will not be supported until Libgaim does. This is visibly a limitation of this program nevertheless the intent to offer audio/video capabilities do exist. We can expect these
capabilities in the near future as the Gaim team is working on realizing such features. While you do have many other apps like this, ADIUM is instant and wonderful multi-protocol messaging software and it distances itself from the other entire through its complexity combined with user friendly and easy-to-use features.

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