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Flash Player 11 is a light weight, highly expressive client run time that gives consistent and powerful user experiences for a variety of popular operating systems, mobile phones, browsers, etc. Adobe Flash Player is a cross platform plug-in for browser and it has the ability to deliver an incredible experience on the web.

That’s why it is installed in 98% and more of desktops linked to the web. Flash Player 10 brings in 3D effects, custom effects and effects, superior text support, and many more.

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Adobe’s newest version of the Flash Player browser plug-in is as trouble-free as past editions, existing unassumingly in your system until Web based games, animations, or omnipresent Flash ads need its services.

What’s new in the latest version?

You get support for hardware acceleration in windows, support for private browsing and multi touch Support as well.

The latest version gets downloaded and installed fast, and will maybe need a browser restart always. Upgrading from version 9 to the latest one has given a solution for a bug that caused freezing of embedded video.

You need a Flash Player to understand the Web at its fullest; therefore users at any level of know-how should have no doubts about installing or upgrading to the latest Flash 10.




DOWNLOAD  – Old Versions


Flash Player 10.1

Flash Player 10.1 (debugger versions)

Flash Player 10

Flash Player 10 (debugger versions)

Flash Player 9.0.280 and higher

Flash Player 9.0.280 and higher (debugger versions)

Flash Player 9

Flash Player 9 (debugger versions)

Flash Player 8

Flash Player 7

Flash Player 6

Flash Player 5

Flash Player 4

Flash Player 3

Flash Player 2

Adobe Flash Player 10.2

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