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The best and the powerful Adobe InDesign CS5 has earned its top position with a variety of new inclusions in features of the product designed earlier. The latest UI presents more screen room for your layouts. The fresh docks hold the entire layout window within them, so that there are lesser objects to lie on top your document window. And there is the capacity to collapse the panels (formerly known as palettes) into smaller icons on the dock actually frees up space.

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Some time back, when the designers faced some issue in fitting Adobe InDesign CS5 in a 1,024 by 768 pixel or much lesser screen, the output was not that impressive. But our Adobe InDesign CS5 assists in overcoming this issue and fits within the given size of screen.




Adobe InDesign CS5 Features:

• Productivity enhancements

• Creative effects and controls

• Robust long document support

• Table and cell styles

• XHTML export

• Advanced Find/Change command

• Placed InDesign files

• Customizable and intuitive workspace

• Automation through scripting

• Rule-based layouts from XML

For most designers, the extended features for special effects that call upon effects of the Photoshop kind like Emboss and Bevel and Inner Shadow arrives with this tool, thus giving you a wholly fresh know-how of employing the new Adobe InDesign CS5 tool.

Adobe InDesign CS5 – My Top 5 Favorite Features

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