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In CHM Editor you can create a HTML help, Website help, PDF and more with fast help, developed by Microsoft. It was first introduced when Windows 98 was released and is still supports in Windows XP and Vista platform Most often the CHM format is used to create help files for the product of software’s and it is also being used to create electronic books(e-books).

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For editing a file of such format, CHM Editor is a long and labor- intensive process – so one needs a help of software products Or uses a special programs (compilers) which do not have any WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface and also requires a certain skills to work with it.

By using CHM Editor you can work with CHM files easily and rapidly, with the help of CHM Editor you can easily make a new document, inserts a picture, add formats, even insert hyper links and can see results immediately.

On the basis of windows operating system, your created document can be open on any computer and you should never have to think any compatibility problem again and again. By using CHM Editor you can also easily translate your documents, because the CHM Editor Software includes a help file in an unknown language, so sometimes it may be problem or impossible to use the program you need and it may lead to difficulties for you. In CHM Editor tens of languages (top ten languages used in web) are available to translate your documents.

CHM Editor Program is a best and efficient tool that every one must have on their Personal Computer.

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