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Mozilla Firefox remarkable collection of priceless extensions, tool bars and themes makes it the number one web browser of the current age.

 firefox, firefox updates, firefox browser, mozilla firefox, mozilla firefox 12, mozilla firefox 13, mozilla firefox14, mozilla firefox 15, mozilla firefox 16Firefox has extended support for various key shortcuts, like switching between tabs, live bookmarks and version 1.5 steers in a swift browsing engine. Firefox’s search utility is also a lot tougher than Safari’s. Firefox combine functionality and form just as good as Thunderbird (its sister program). If Apple’s Mail doesn’t give you what you want, Thunderbird will almost surely give it to you. It is also advisable that you have a look at Flock and Camino for other browser options. Based on Gecko 1.8 engine, the latest Firefox (1.5) improved it’s by now best in class standards support, and provided new features to enable the coming generation of internet applications.

Firefox 1.5 features enhanced support for CSS2 and CSS3, APIs for programmable and scrip-table 2D graphics through SVG 1.1, XForms and XML events, and also many DHTML,JavaScript, and DOM improvements.

You get quicker navigation with enhancements to forward and back buttons’ performance along with reordering of Drag and drop for the browser tabs. You have included to the list of search engines for dictionary lookup.

Considerable improvements have been made to usability as well as Safe Mode, descriptive-error pages, RSS discovery, and redesigned options menu.

How To Customize Your FireFox Web Browser

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