Flash Terminal v4.2

Flash Terminal  you can solve your communication and transferring files problems. It is developed infectiously for the people who where tired of the Hyper term and other inconvenient problems.

flash 8, terminal ,transfer , hyper terminal ,macromedia flash 8,Flash Terminal v4.2,free Flash Terminal, download Flash Terminal, flash terminal server, adobe flash terminal server, flash terminal velocityIn Flash Terminal 4.2 you need not be to wait for the end of file transfer, so to tell your friends or colleague a few words. You can transfer files in both directions simultaneously easily and quickly and even chat at the same time. If you have any bad phone lines and even connection breaks, Flash Terminal 4.2 easily continues the transfer of files from the point where it was broken last time. By using Flash Terminal 4.2 you can enjoy a freedom of transferring and exchanging of information and messages.

Flash Terminal Platform: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003


Flash Terminal Main Features:
* Fast and secure file transferring over modem (including ISDN, ADSL, and GPRS) and   COM-to-COM connection.
* Ability of working without Internet. Don’t pay for Internet while chatting and transferring files!
* Advanced security.
* Easy messages exchange simultaneously with file transferring.
* Up to 60% faster than competitors.
* Ability of exchanging up to 255 files at the same time.
* Unlimited ability of file regretting and resuming transfers after pause, stop or line break.
* Nice and handy interface.

Flash Terminal Features Connection:
* Quick connection via modem (including ISDN, ADSL, GPRS) or null-modem.
* Advanced security.
* Four levels of connection speed.
* Advanced reliability on bad lines.
* Saving and loading recent connections.
* File transferring.
* Transferring up to 255 files in both directions simultaneously.
* Resuming transfers after pause stop or line break.
* Unlimited file regretting.
* Up to 60% faster than other programs of that kind.

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