Download Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a browser in which the user can browse or surf through the internet.It can open multiple tabs Web pages in just one window. Maxton seeks to provide many rich features and a highly customization user.

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Interface without losing compatibility with Internet Explorer. It is a web browser which can be used by a user in any Microsoft windows. It offers both turbo & Compatible experience. As with turbo mode the user may experience a fast & quick Browsing and surfing through internet.

In Maxthon Online Favorites Service the user can access their favorite web pages or Content. The favorite file format in Maxthon cloud browser provides u to protect your privacy data on Your shared computer files. There’s no need to open other windows to open new sites which u want to visit .You can arrange web pages as tabs Inside main window so that u can navigate through them easily.

Maxthon cloud browser includes the features like super drag and drop you can simply drag and drop any keyword with your mouse or Type any keywords in Address Bar to perform a search. Auto scroll and mouse gestures by using you are mouse u can operate it by performing gestures like going backward or forward pages to fulfill your needs. Maxthon is customization for changing its skins. The other features are plug-ins, external tools & filter packs.

ANTIVIRUS FEATURES In maxthon comes built-in Ad Hunter which blocks harmful viruses, spy ware, ad ware – any kind of malware. It blocks harmful viruses, spy ware and keep phishing web pages The filter pack feature in Maxthon Cloud Browser screen out the offensive and irritating Web Pages to block websites .

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