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Quicksilver is one of the most favorite add-ons when it comes to Mac OS X. For many Mac

quicksilver osx, Quicksliver, Quicksliver download, quicksilver osx download, quicksilver os x lion, quicksilver os x appusers quicksilver is still mystery application. It is just a wonderful graphic shell for OS X that enriches the user experiences in multi-folds. The first thing that excites you when you learn about Quicksilver is that the application comes to you entirely free of cost.

Quicksilver is one of the best tools with which you can optimize the Mac OS X interface in an easy manner. Although the software at first seems to be too complex to use, when you master it you will realize the streamlining  capabilities of the tool that would make your work with Mac machines a pleasant experience. Be sure to configure keys for ease of use.

Some of the important features of quicksilver are as follows: It is an application launcher that can open your applications; In case you know the name of the file you wish to open just typing the first few characters and enter and the application will do the rest; Quicksilver can also recognize bookmarks in Safari and enables you to browse through your favorite sites in a jiffy; it can also be easily integrated with other web browsers, such as Firefox; With quicksilver looking up word meanings is lot easier; the software also functions as an excellent search tool to find out files and folders in your hard disk.

Quicksilver Tutorial Mac OS X

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