Spyware Software – Monitor your employees from any were

Spyware software is used observe the employees activities in office hours, spyware software works like secrete camera or spy tool on desktop activates of employees. It protects the illegal use of companies’ information, and to know the progress of employees.

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You can also operate employee’s computer by shut down, Restart, Logoff, Lock the computers, you can remove wallpapers and starts screen savers on operating computer.

Spyware software has features of Online and Offline recordings. You save recording in AVI file format with online and offline. When server in active you can record online. activities of any number of employees in a LAN from location. Offline recording is used when server is not working and administrator is not present.

Spyware software gives complete information about your employees like what the work is office work or personal work, how much time they work, what they doing, and how much time they sit without working. Spyware software available free which gives experience on software for 7 days, in this you cannot get information about single computer on network view only registered computers, but it will not allow to recording. If u when total record, you need to buy full version of the software.

Following are the key features of Spyware software:

  • Creates Offline recordings when you are not present to monitor the activities
  • Works like a surveillance camera pointed towards the desktop screens of employees
  • Allows LIVE view – remote desktop activities of employees
  • Record User activities and save to .AVI files
  • Monitors multiple computer(s) simultaneously
  • Manages the computer(s) remotely on network

Installation Support – Operating System

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (Home, Professional) Up to Service Pack 2, Windows 2003, Windows 2000.

Minimum Memory Requirement – 64 MB

Disk Space Requirement – 20 MB of Free disk Space.

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