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If you are in search of a decompressing tool that could work well on Mac OS X then StuffIt is the choicest software for you.

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StuffIt Expander is a popular Mac application from Allume Systems. This free to download software and is well known for its efficiency in decompressing files. While Mac OS X by itself is a renowned for its decompressing and archiving abilities, StuffIt Expander adds a feather to its cap. StuffIt Expander can with a tremendous speed decompress files and folders in various compress formats. Some of the compressed forms that StuffIt Expander can decompress include the .rar, .sitx, .sit, .tar, .tgz, .zip, and the like.

StuffIt which enables you to both compress and decompress files and folders is a handy tool for Mac OS X users that require large amounts of compressing and archiving files. When it comes to the deluxe version of the software, it takes you a step farther and enables you even to compress jpeg images to an extent of 30% without any loss in the quality of the image.

If you have always wanted to get such an application you can try StuffIt Expander for your Mac OS X. After all it is free to download and doesn’t cost you a dime.

 How to Compress a Mac File With StuffIt

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