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TextWrangler 3.1 are looking for a reliable text editor for your Mac OS X, you can opt for the undisputed high performing TextWrangler 3.1. TextWrangler 3.1 comes as a product of Bare Bones Software Inc and is well known for its excellent performance in the Mac machines.

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While the company’s moderately priced BBEdit is highly popular among elite users and low cost TextWrangler was a popular alternative to it, TextWrangler 3.1 comes as a benevolent product that costs you nothing.

TextWrangler 3.1 has won the MacWorld 3.1005 Editors’ Choice Award for its benevolence. With TextWrangler, it is easy to edit almost any file. Special features of the free text editor include FTP and SFTP support; ability to compare files and detect differences in them. It is also the best tool for novices to grow their coding skills without hassles.

When it comes to performance of TextWrangler 3.1, it is second only the Bare Bones BBEdit that has a few additional features such as web authoring and subversion server support that is absent in the TextWrangler 3.1.

If you own a Mac OS X, never miss out on the highly valuable text editor TextWrangler 3.1, which is available as a free download.

 How To Use and Install Text Wrangler

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