VLC media player for Mac OS X

If you had been undergoing annoying experiences with your current media players, here is an excellent solution for you. VLC Player For Mac that comes as an open source is there to rescue you from the irksome players that have been in vogue. The ability of the VLC to play a variety of formats is being hailed by the masses that use VLC.

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But for a few formats, VLC Player For Mac can literally play almost any format and make you comfortable with its universal compatibility. If you are using the old version of VLC player, you can also easily upgrade it to the latest version that has been released as a result of beta development.

Some of the highlights of the beta version include the following: frame-by-frame advancement and granular speed control; slow and fast playback options; option to record live videos; customizable tool bars; integration with Gtalk and much more.

VLC player can support a variety of formats such as, OGG, MP2, MP3, MP4, DivX, and also HD codecs including AES3, and Raw Dirac. Download VLC player now and enjoy a trouble free entertainment.

VLC media player Review for Mac OS X


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