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Download VLC media player for Windows 7 64 Bit Overview:

VLC Media Player has been an open-source darling up to this date, and the newest version is the first one to be out of the beta development phase. It is not the only available choice for video playback at no cost; however it is one of the top players.

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People can get frame by frame advancement now, along with granular speed controls that help for quicker or on-the-fly slower playback, and live streaming video recording. The toolbars are completely customizable, thus you have just the buttons that you require in your interface, you have AirTunes streaming, and also there’s enhanced Gtk settings integration.

Apart from the enhancements, VLC carries on to offer strong support for an assortment of audio and video formats. This includes DivX, MP4, MP3, MP2, OGG, HD codecs such as Raw Dirac, AES3, and also a feature for zipped files play back.

Even now, the interface by default is a stripped down media player that belies features and functionality of VLC. This can be fixed fast by Skinning, although performance can be somewhat random still – it all depends on the skin quality. Open source VLC community and foundation makes sure that it develop fast and frequently, with fresh fixes and features released often.

In general, this player is an application that every computer user should have. After all, it can open almost any kind of media you play in it.

Official Downloads of VLC media player

Get VLC for Windows

Get VLC for Windows Phone

Download VLC Media Player for Apple Platforms

Get VLC for Mac OS X

Get VLC for iOS

Get VLC for Apple TV

Download VLC Media Player for GNU/Linux

Get VLC for Debian GNU/Linux

Get VLC for Ubuntu

Get VLC for Mint

Get VLC for openSUSE

Get VLC for Gentoo Linux

Get VLC for Fedora

Get VLC for Arch Linux

Get VLC for Slackware Linux

Get VLC for ALT Linux

Get VLC for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Download VLC Media Player for Smart Phones

Get VLC for Android

Get VLC for Chrome OS

Get VLC for FreeBSD

Get VLC for NetBSD

Get VLC for OpenBSD

Get VLC for Solaris

Get VLC for QNX

Get VLC for Syllable

Get VLC for OS/2

VLC Media Player Review

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