Alice Greenfingers 2- Enjoy challenging Action & Fun Game

Alice Greenfingers 2 is a farming game where you can plant your crops and grow them; graze your animals as well. After growing your crops you can sell them in market.

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Here in the game, there is a member who is lazy among Greenfingers family “Uncle Berry”. You can visit and help him to restore his ruined and decay farm.

Alice Greenfingers 2 Features:
You can grow Chilies, Lilies, Sunflowers and more than 10 to 15 types of crops in your field. Enrich your farm by grazing with goats, bees, cows and lots of other animals. You can use your own creativity to design your garden.
Win Golden Trophies and Badges for your achievements. You can play the game as “Uncle Berry” directs you, or simply run your own race. You can even decorate your farm with Graceful Ornaments Make business in several ways: Sell crops at the market, pick fruit by the trees, get good deals at auction and sell dairies

You cannot die in this game, so you may play this game at your own pace. If you run out of cash! You can collect the apples to have money of $2 for each apple. The more apples you collect the more money you can have it.You can even carry, putdown, dig, collect the items by double-click with your mouse button. Crops need water while they grow, so you don’t need to watch over the crops day and night or even to water a ripen/mature crops. While pointing your mouse pointer at a crop, you can view/see a meter in red color which represents the soil health in your field.

“The higher the health, the faster the crop grows”.

You can sell your goods and dairy products in market and even sell the unwanted items by a click on the AUCTION button at the bottom-right corner of your screen. As you play the game, it will guide you through how to develop your farm. You can use the shovel to dig the fields and the grasses which you don’t need and plant your crops and sow the new grasses in your fields. You can even sell your dairy products like Eggs and Milk to market. By pressing space bar or right mouse button you can cancel Alice’s action at anytime while playing game. You can graze your cattle’s and bees and sell honey and dairy products. The shortcut keys S and M will help you to Shop and go to menu options by clicking the options over bottom left corner of your screen. Even you can use
Escape – Pause: the game at any time. You can also press Escape to cancel the current action as well.
Arrow keys – Move the game screen.
‘M’ – Open or close the menu
‘S’ – Open or close the shop.

Alice Greenfingers 2 System Requirements:
Windows Vista, XP, 98 or compatible
500 MHz Intel Pentium III or better CPU
DirectX 8 or higher
128 MB RAM
16 MB hard disc space


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