ATI Mobility Radeon 9500 drivers for Windows

ATI Mobility Radeon 9500/96009700X300X600X800X1300 X1600 X1800 FireGL 6.5 is one such video card that is based on the ATI mobility Radeon X1600 mostly for notebooks because of the same chip in use in the technology.

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Professional drivers are used in the different BIOS and a standard catalyst driver can only be precisely installed in the version. Hence, there is a change of version from V5200 to X1600. ATI manufactured this version of video card with the codename M56GL and with the speeds of 425 MHz, bus width of 128 bit. The maximum amount of memory used can be 256 MB with no shared memory. There are about 150 million transistors integrated in the chip with 90 nm technology.

There are standard catalysts that are introduced for theatre mode. This alternative is available for Radeon X1600 series graphic cards. This entirely new feature enables the user to play on both displays which is called clone mode of operation.

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