AUTORUN EATER 2.6 – autorun.inf Files Remove Automatically

The antivirus Auto run Eater was in fact came into existence because of the increase of the malwares and other such type of harmful virus and worms using the autorun.inf method in order to infect the users unknowingly be it from any of the flash drives, hard drives and any of the removable storage devices.

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When the removable drive is infected with the malware and autorun.inf is dropped in form of a file, then the malware shell menu is normally modified to execute the malware whenever the unsuspecting user unknowingly accesses the infected drive. The Antivirus Auto run eater will warn the user and remove any suspicious autorun.inf files existing in the removable device which is based on the user’s settings and decision so that the malware found may not be executed while accessing the removable device. There might be some of the cases where the malware is removed from the removable device but still the autorun.inf file remains. This might cause the drive to be much more inaccessible through the traditional method that is the double click. The Antivirus auto run eater 2.5 will also remove the file so that the user can access the drive as usual.

AUTORUN EATER V2.6 Features:
* Scan and remove suspicious ´autorun.inf´ files found in the root directory of all drives, A-Z, in real-time
* Hotkey enabled to toggle scan
* Start, Stop or Pause scan(with ´option grey-out´)
* Scan priority(normal/high)
* Scan results are logged
* Add and remove from startup entry
* 3 optional registry fixes (Task Manager, Regedit & Folder options).
* Users are informed through a message box whenever a suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file is removed.
* Backup copies of suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file(s) are created before the original copy is removed for easy recovery.
* Status tooltip to get tool info easily without right-clicking on tray icon.
* ‘Paused’ notifier that slides in/out from botton-right of screen when ‘Pause’ is activated.
* Confirmation message box when user clicks on ‘Delete Log’.

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