BOH 20100818 – Puzzle Riddled Maze Game

BOH is an old house style game for Mac computer Users.

BOH 20100818, BOH game, BOH game download, download BOHAbout BOH game: BOH is a game with mysterious and thrilling game play on dangerous battle fields. You have to move in the Claustrophobic, there are so many Evil Masters searching for you. The Evil Masters sends number of his companions to attack you, until you discover and face him in the final battle of the game. As your search are made slightly easy  by the Power-ups which are scattered everywhere around the floor which carries out the missions demands with lots of concentration and quick reflexes. With the game editor in BOH: the user can create new missions of his own and also customize entirely audio visual effects.

BOH has been created with lots of interest and care to offer you a fantastic and thrilling experience, with its old school style; it gives you a fascinatingly different video gaming experience.

BOH Features:
– immediate & thrilling game play;
– 45 missions divided in 5 levels of difficulty;
– multi-phase missions;
– multi-floor battlefields of any size and shape;
– mind-blowing puzzles and deadly traps;
– many and varied power-ups;
– many more features

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later

Incoming search terms:

  • boh game system requirements

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