C-Media CMI8330 Sound WDM Driver

C-Media CMI8330 driver package contains a driver for the PCI cards that are based on the CMI8330 chipset family. This exclusive driver is for Windows 98 only and it requires a personal computer with a brand new CMI8330-based audio card. The C-Media does not even provide end user support for the drivers, so the people are requested to claim their hardware manufacturer if required.

C-Media CMI8330 Drivers, download C-Media CMI8330 Drivers, C-Media CMI8330 Drivers downloadThe C-Media CMI8330 Sound WDM Driver is one such vendor which is one of the world’s leading Independent Vendors of hardware in PC audio. The C-Media audio solutions is capable to power the complete spectrum of the PC audio peripheral products which includes the PCI sound cards, adapters and the USB speakers, VOIP accessories and other new wireless networked based audio products.

The CMI8330 is one such Sound Blaster compatible computer based sound chip. It was first introduced as a single prototype in Computer in the month of July 1997. The CMI8330 3D positional sound chip was then enhanced and then advanced by the so called joint effort made by the C-Media’s design teams.

System Support: Win2003, WinXP, Win2000, NT, Win ME.

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