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Color your own pictures with the Tikkurila Color Planner program. In Tikkurila Color Planner , the home painters and professional painters can design their color in a program which would allow the customers to checkout for the number of various color combinations for their indoor or outdoor painting applications.

Images for Color planner, color planner 4.3 free download, Color Planner Download, Color Planner 4.0 Download Free trial, Download Color PlannerColor Planner has presents a web coloring program, by which you can color the digital pictures of your own house, cottages, and flats and even of the interior and exterior of your house. The Color Planner application includes the color which are valid in the color charts of Tikkurila and it has a possible way to use the before selected color combinations. After finishing the coloring of a house or a room, you can save them and even print it by showing the colors which you have chosen to color your house, by which color charts the colors were taken from, so by the list it is easy to buy any paint when you go to a paint shop. If you need to color any picture, firstly you need to crop it. You can even separate the picture parts by using the colors in the program. E.g. for painting roof, walls, sills, dressing etc.,
The program is not deliberate to replace the colors from color charts or color chips, but to give the user an opportunity to color the pictures.

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Requirements for coloring your own picture:
You should have at least a picture of the house, cottage, flats, Interior, exterior and more.
For the better results you can have the pictures taken from the Digital Camera’s.
You can also upload pictures from Computer and Internet connection also.

System requirements:
Operating system: WinNT4, Win98, Win2000, XP, Vista.
Processor: 486 or a more recent version
Memory: RAM 32 Mt
Resolution: 800×600 or more
Colors: at least 65,536 colors.

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