Exstora 2.7 – Multi-functional day planner

Exstora2.7 is a program that has been designed to help you write down a thought or create a note easily. Exstora2 has made scheduling events and creating plans for the future much easier.

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Features included in Exstora are: powerful personal management software used for saving personal information, data and quick notes. The program’s main window consists of three sections such as Calendar, Events and Notes. You can create notes, categories, TODO items, events and RSS channels. You can even add events to the calendar; fill the required details like start date, end date, reminder, title, description, type such as simple, recurrent, long term and TODO. To quickly preview a note, point the mouse pointer at the note and see the details. A scheduled event can be easily moved to different dates by simply dragging and dropping the event to the date on the Calendar while the search option can help you look up keywords   and display your search results on the window with event type, date and description. It can also be operated through a removable media like USB flash drive. Added features include diary, to do list, day planner RSS/Atom feeds and printing.

The applications setting on the other hand can help you personalize your window by allowing you to setup startup activity, choose color scheme from the available list like classic, cold gray, coffee, summer, winter etc.

System requirements:
Windows 2000-Vista,
RAM: 64 Mb,
HDD: 4Mb

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