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EYEON FUSION releases the new generation of supercomputing using the GPU framework in the product called fusion 6.1. People may assume it to be an acceleration technology, but Eyeon Fusion must be noted that it is an unprecedented productivity and precise advancement.

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Eyeon Fusion Overview of the product:

Exploiting this power of low cost GPU graphics cards and with hundred cores and coupled expended feature set makes this device release much more productivity. The need for the network is more rendering and hence becomes greatly reduced keeping the studio manage its manageable and cost effective.

Eyeon Fusion Features of this product:

The 3D importing through FBX has been evasively expended and streamlining the process between that of 3D animation rendering the direct assets which are same as the previous working in Fusion. They produce passes and layers which are on the fly direct GPU at breath taking speed. The fusion 6.1 accelerates from the point of start with an astounding GPU optimizations and particle solution caching. The scripter will rejoice the inclusion of the native support and it would rather benefit from many enhancements.

Eyeon Fusion 6.1 new features:

• OpenCL GPU Supercomputing
• RenderMan® support
• Python scripting
• RED® camera MYSTERIUM X™ support
Particle system and geometry enhancements
• Particle caching
• Relighting enhancements
• Full importing of scenes with matched animation curves
• Importing of stereo cameras
• FBX multi level materials support from all major 3D applications
• Film Grain tool
• Hue Curves and colour suppression tool
• Local file caching options
• Increased metadata support
• Coordinate transfer modifier enhancements

Eyeon Fusion 6.1 System requirements:

* Windows 2000/XP
* Intel Pentium III Processor or greater
* Nvidia / ATI Video Card – capable of displaying 1280×1024
* 512 MB of RAM
* 80 MB Hard Drive space.

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3 Responses to Eyeon Fusion – Image Compositing Software

  1. rakesh says:

    i have 2 gb ram 256 mg intel int graphics core 2 duo 500gb hdd i am not able to ru fusion 6.1 why