Folder guard is a potent security program that you can access to control the records, files, folders and other windows assets, like as start menu, control panel, desktop and so on. This software can utilize folder guard to lock your individual files with folders with Passwords, to close other users from glint into your proceedings.

folder guard pro, folder password, folder guard xp, folder guard professional, folder guardYou can also totally hide Your secrete folders from virtually all functions, and such folders will be stay unseen until you enter a suitable password. And even folder guard protects all sensitive system files from destruction; immobilize access to the deleted drives to control panel and more. This folder guard protects unlimited number of reports and files, each and every folder with its own password, or else you can utilize the master password of folder guard to unsave them all at once. Now folder guard is using all small business, police departments and hospitals. This tool also contains a group strategy template that you use to the license key to a huge number of the client computers.

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

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