Frogatto – Very Flexible Game

Frogatto game is an adventure’s, fun and a freeware platformer or “jump and run” old-school game with built-in 2d animation.

Frogatto 1.0.3, game Frogatto 1.0.3, Frogatto game download, free download Frogatto, free Frogatto, Frogatto game for macFrogatto game is a named for a green frog in a game. It is an adventures, fun and thrilling game which has made by a manual process, sophisticated and discerning pixel arts, gorgeous pumping arcade tunes and the shading thus the game needs among the title. In the game, you must run over the fields and jump over the splits and enemies. You can grab the enemies with your tongue, swallow them or use them as projectiles by splitting them out to other enemies. You can fight dangerous bosses on different levels and solve vexing puzzles as well.While playing game, you must collect coins to store and use them to buy upgrades and new abilities from store. Speak with everybody in the game and you have to work Big Bad Mailgram’s plot against the townsfolk.

Frogatto game includes more than 30 levels which are set in the 4 different environments and it has an editor where you can create your own level of your own.

System Requirements
• Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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