Google SketchUp 7 – Create 3D models of houses

SketchUp is a 3D modeling program, where you can build your own building or site.

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It is mainly designed for architects, builders, civil engineers, in animations, film and video makers, and for the related professions, it has a great new feature, that you can also place your project or the progress work in the “Google earth” easily. It has another feature “3D ware house” which lets the user to sketch up his own and even other models to contribute them.

Google SketchUp Features:
• It is a 3D mode ling program.
• You can Place your Building and projects at your working sites in Google earth.
3D ware house: SketchUp users search for models made by others and contribute them.
• It is designed especially for architects, builders, civil engineers, filmmakers, game developers, and for related professions

Google SketchUp System Requirements:
Windows Vista, XP, 98 or compatible
Intel Pentium IV or better CPU
DirectX 8 or higher
128 MB RAM or more
70 MB hard disc space

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