Hide Folders and Files

Hide My Folders is a professional and advanced software tool that can hide the files or folders from viewing, accessing, and even searching. So only you are aware of the existing files.

Hide Folders, hide folders in windows 7, download hide folders in windows 7, Free Hide FolderThe folders hide until you unhide them from viewers. Its invisible shield protects and hides your files and folders even in Safe mode. When it is used as system protection tool, its foolproof protection prevents the critical files and folders of system data from being moved or modified.
(e.g., it won’t allow the user to rename the folder C:\WINDOWS),
Thus preventing the failure of the system
You can even use the pattern matching for hiding the files with the exact names and extensions while leaving the other files visible.
For a certain moment, the mask “*.doc” allows to hide all the MS Word files.

System Support:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008/7

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