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HOROSCOPE EXPLORER is the software application developed for Astrology. It is Vedic Astrology software, which explores Horoscopes. Predicts the detailed information regarding Birth charts and provides astrological analysis.

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The users can check their marriage compatibility with Asht Koota system. It can know the person’s yearly analysis with this popular Vedic Astrology software. Yearly analysis called Varshaphala can be known with the combination of planets and dashas. This software provides exclusive features and divided in to three sections to find daily horoscopes, information regarding marriage, and yearly progress. People while starting any new event thinks about the final result to be the best, for that they approach this astrology and makes analysis and take better decisions. This software makes analysis of Nakshatra, Drishti and explores set of charts, can save the charts, email to friends, save the files in PDF format which is easy to use. HOROSCOPE EXPLORER is available in ten different Indian languages and also in English language and provides Astrology for everyone.

Horoscope Explorer Features:

Complete Natal Vedic Astrology

Detailed Predictions

Exclusive features

Complete Charts

Email Horoscopes

Make PDF Files

100% Easy to Use

Top Used Vedic Astrology Software

45 Day No Obligations Trial!

Astrology Tutorial & Free Download horoscope

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