Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan

Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan is an action as well as flight simulator and combat game for Mac.

Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan, Jalada Air Strike, Jalada Air gameAbout Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan game:
Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan is a flight simulator and combat game. I think… you have seen so many jet fighters planes on airport or far in clouds. Now, it’s your turn to have the fighter pilot’s seat and fly into the clouds. Actually, your goal is to destroy the enemy threats and hidden spots, target scatters in different directions through out the several challenging campaign which leads you to Afghanistan.

Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan each and every level of your missions, you must score some points by destroying enemies’ threats to promote to next level and have new technologies. You must flight for glory to have Great honor to strive for the best of the bestest pilot ever on the Earth! The game offers you with the exceptional level of realism in regards to flight dynamics, avionics (“Aviation + electronics”) and weapon systems. The enemies are powerful driven by an artificial intelligence with ground vehicles, jets and weapons to give a wide range of enjoyment and pleasure of game play. A wide range of options like video, joystick, mouse, sound effects, music and much more lets you perfectly adjust the game as you need. Jalada Air Strike Afghanistan also includes umber of guided tutorials and training missions which lets the beginners as well as experts to improve their tactical and flying skills.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 1.5GHz Intel processor
  • 128MB video RAM

Incoming search terms:

  • MAC OSX 10 4 11 Download Free Flight Sim

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