Jalada AstroChase 1.4 – Gorgeous 3D Action Game

Jalada AstroChase 1.4 is a gorgeous 3D action game for Mac.

Jalada AstroChase 1.4, download Jalada AstroChase 1.4, free Jalada AstroChase 1.4, Jalada AstroChase 1.4 reviewAbout jalada AstroChase: You have a space cruiser going on a way to far reaches of the galaxy. The “Earths Star Fleet” i.e.,you fighting against a losing battle. Suddenly some of the aliens attacked you. In your defense you have laser cannon to destroy & knock out the alien invaders cruisers. There are some selected stations on orbiting asteroids in several areas of space. The aliens are not stupid or dumb. They won’t take a chance to let their cruisers at risk. At first, they’ll send their team in squads-“The Emperors Elite Force” warriors to knock out your Laser cannons to cover the way for the big guys…

Jalada AstroChase 1.4 Features:
– Amazing 3D Action
– Force Feedback
– Unlimited stages
– Easy to learn, simple to play
– Many sound effects
– Gorgeous 3D graphics

System Requirements:
• Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
• 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor
• 1GB of RAM
• 64MB video RAM

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