LOPHTCRACK – Password auditing, Recovery

Lophtcrack is a password inspection software and revival application .This software in not available for long time.

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Long back Lophtcrack software has been discontinues after Symantec buying company. If you can access this program is by surfing sites or else asking someone who has it to provide it to you. It is widely used to examine password strengths and sometimes to recover misplaced Microsoft windows passwords, by utilizing glossary and hybrid attacks. It was one of the crackers kits of option .even though most of the old versions because of its cost and low accessibility. Lophtcrack supply a scoring metric to quickly judge the password. Passwords are considered against present industry best practices, medium, weak, or fail. And it was taking charges are strong .pre computed password document is necessary to have feature in password auditing. Pass word checking is now taking minutes instead of hours or else days. Lophtcrack imports and Brecks Unix password files.

System Requirements:
Windows XP or Vista
256MB of RAM
30MB Hard drive space

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