MSI FX400 Notebook Drivers for free Download

In the F-series of its brand, MSI has launched its MSI FX400 notebook.

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It is fully compatible with
• Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
(MSI recommends upgrade to Genuine Windows® 7 Professional)
• Intel® Core™ i5 Processor
• Checkered Flag Exterior with Anti-fingerprint Coating
• MSI Exclusive TDE Technology
• MSI GPU Boost equipped with NVIDIA Optimus Technology
• High-end NVIDIA GeForce GT325M Discrete Graphics Card (with DDR3 1GB VRAM)
• THX Certified + 2 Premium Sound Speakers
• Built-in 1.3M Webcam

MSI FX400 born to be a star to shine out the unique fashion taste. In FX400, with the stylish MSI chiclet keyboard design the users may reduced their typing errors, increases their comfort and to dampen the sound of key-pressing.

Even you type or while gaming, with the chiclet keyboard you may not to worry about disturbing those who are around you with the clicking and clattering of the keyboards.

In MSI FX400, with the help of MSI exclusive Turbo Drive Engine Technology – by touching the turbo button which is at the top the keyboard, you can gradually increase the speed and performance of your system.

In MSI FX400, the MSI GPU Boost which is furnished with NVIDIA Optimus Technology. With the help of GPU Boost Technology you can switch to the mode, so you can achieve with the greatest graphics performance and even battery life.

In MSI FX400, the new ECO Engine power management system, allows you to select your own scenario and also to obtain the balance of performance and battery life. There are a five number of total usage scenarios—gaming, view movies, processing text, presentations and Turbo Battery.

They are fine-tuned presets for brightness of screen, display sleep, configuration of system auto-sleep mode and the performance of the processor.

The high end NVIDIA GeForce GT325M graphic card with 1GB of memory enables the user the ultra-realistic experience and performance.

Its Cinema pro technology gives the users the finest viewing experience of the movies. You can easily switch to Movie mode by a simple click over Cinema pro button. It will activate the screen quality and heavy bass by which it can provide the great sense and experience of theatres.

In MSI FX400, the power saving LED backlight Technology provides full color and even more brightness.

In MSI FX400, the THX True studio pro is designed to provide with a great sound experience for listening music, viewing movies and playing games. It also provides with the recent groundbreaking technologies which are the products of the years of the collective experience and the research by the Creative and THX.

In the MSI FX400, the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output delivers its data at a super-fast speed of up to 5GB per second, but it also reduces the cluttering of cables, it ensures the better video quality as well.

In MSI FX400 with the E-SATA you can backup your contents like photos, videos and other files to an external storage device. You can transfer data up to 6x faster speed than that of the normal USB ports.

In MSI FX400, with the 802.11b/g/n (draft) wireless LAN and the Bluetooth networking interfaces, you can even connect to browser easily in a versatile way and to restore data on your own devices.

Download F-Series Laptop MSI FX400 – Windows7 64bit
Title Driver Download Link
Chipset Intel(R) 5 Series Chipset
HD Audio Realtek HD Audio
VGA Mobile Intel® GMA HD
LAN Realtek LAN
Card Reader ENE Card Reader
Wireless LAN Atheros Wireless Lan
Wireless LAN msi Wireless Lan_3870 / 3871
Wireless LAN Intel Wireless Lan
Bluetooth msi Bluetooth_3801/3870
Modem Agere Modem
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Intel Management Engine Intel Management Engine Interface
TouchPad Elantech Multi Touchpad
Intel Turbo Boost Intel Turbo Boost

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