PDF Password Remover – Decrypt Protected PDF files

By the name only you understand that PDF Password Remover is a password removal tool.

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With the help of Anybizsoft PDF Password Remover you can remove from the protected/encrypted PDF (portable Document format) files comfortably and easily. It also supports decoded PDF files in Windows 7.It doesn’t need any Adobe or Acrobat reader to read contents in files. It is specially designed to remove restrictions/limits and passwords of PDF files.With a right- click on the PDF file, you’ll select option Decrypt with PDF Password Remover from shortcut menu; this will remove any restricted passwords from PDF files in few seconds. You can even edit copy or print the PDF files after decoding/decryption.

PDF Password Remover Key Features:
Remove PDF Password and Restrictions

PDF Password Remover 2 Efficient Decryption Modes:
• Batch decryption – Decrypt 200 PDF files at one time
• Right-click decryption – Right click on a PDF file and decrypt it without open the program

PDF Password Remover Miscellaneous:
• Extremely easy to use
• User-friendly interface
• Standalone, doesn’t need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to be installed
• Support PDF files in 9 languages: English, Turkish, Thai, Latin, Korean,  Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese

It Can Not:
Remove or find the user/open password automatically
Remove other protections, such as DRM or third part plug-in

PDF Password Remover System requirements:

• Windows 7, XP, Vista 32-bit
• Intel centrino or other CPU
• 128 MB RAM or higher
• 100 MB free space on hard drive

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