Phrases Express – Auto text Clipboard Utility

Phrase Express is a tool by which you can type your phrases quite fastly and easily.
Phrases Express, download Phrases Express, free Phrases ExpressSaves time & share text templates:
Phrase Express saves our valuable time of typing same paragraph again & again which is majorly used in our day today life who were employed in an office, call center, customer care, technical support, in schools, in hospitals, medical or settings of legal transcription.
You can even share text templates with Client-/Server version.

Auto text:
With the help of Phrase Express, you can expand the text abbreviations into full phrases.
E.g. If you type “thx” could have “thanks” for any program

It provides this known Auto Text of Microsoft Office in any of the Windows programs.
Internet Explorer, MS Excel, Database Front Ends, etc.

While typing it automatically, recognizes the input text and offers you to auto-complete the sentence.

Spell Checking:
You can spell check the phrases after you complete the sentence in 7 languages in any program.

Clipboard Manager:
While the windows clipboard keeps only the last copied data, but Phrase Express clipboard manger keeps the recent as well as last copied data’s for inserting them into any application.

Program Launcher:
By simply entering a shortcut text, you can launch a program.
E.g.  Typing ‘.txt’ to launch notepad
“word” to launch Microsoft word
“exc” to launch Excel spreadsheet

Cross-Platform Solution:
It can also import a bit, scrap, or morsel from SmileOnMyMac’s software Text Expander, so it can provide a cross platform/ multi-platform for windows and Mac.

PhraseExpress v5 showcase

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