Prashna Kundali – Vedic Horary Astrology

PRASHNA KUNDALI is where the Scholars provide Astrology of a person based on his name, date of birth, birth time, nakshatra, Longitude, Latitude and Time zone.

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The Astrology Scholars makes analysis with the details of a person, provides chart reports and predicts the result. Every person likes to know his horoscope while starting any new work or event. The Scholars follow the Vedic astrology principles like mathematical principles and Antrrshati.  This PRASHNA KUNDALI is a Horary Astrology where the users can post their personal details and know their astrology details. It is like asking questions to the Scholars who make assessment and give the best results. It is available as software application and also online application. It is best astrology software not only provides daily horoscope but also provides other personal information. Based on the birth time details, it provides the chart with very accurate results. It is the process of predicting details more accurate.


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Supports Multiple Ayanamshes

Covers All Important Topics of Life

Requirements: .net Framework 2.0 / 3.5

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