Prolink Pixelview Playtv Pro TV Tuner card

The Prolink is a trademark of the worlds famous Fida international Ltd which is the demanding company.

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For all the reliable and securable range of products including the home based brands, product service logos, company names and other services from the company benefiting the people. The company Prolink PixelView Play may not be responsible for any costs incurred while the product is transported to the service centre and may not even be responsible for any sort of damage.

Prolink PixelView PlayTV Pro PV-BT878P+rev. 9D/9F/10B are another video card that is developed by one of the developed companies in the world named Prolink. They provide the best services with their advanced technologies. This video card is compatible with windows 2000 and windows XP only. The company have manufactured the software card driver which best suits these mentioned operating systems only. This driver is 32 bit compatible with windows environment and can hence process the speed accordingly.

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