Realtek RTL8029/8029AS – Pci Ethernet Drivers

A Net Card is computer based hardware peripheral. The Network Card Driver typically allows all the prescribed connections to the computers that are connected to the existing.

Realtek RTL8029 Drivers, Realtek Ethernet 8029AS, Realtek Pci Ethernet Drivers

Realtek RTL8029/8029AS is a network card driver designed by the Realtek. This company is one of the best leading companies of Network Cards. They are carefully installed inside the motherboard into its slots. This driver is compatible with Windows NT. These drivers are manmade plug and play scheme which are usually easy in these days.

How to install Realtek RTL8029/8029AS:
Here is the guide who would tell person how to install Realtek RTL8029/8029AS in the PC:
– Define Realtek Network Card device model and then define your OS for the particular driver to get installed.
– Browse the Network Card Drivers and then find out about much more  related about Realtek.
– Explore and Search is required for the desired driver and then downloads the updated Realtek driver of the software in your new PC.
– Install this downloaded version and then restart the system for correct functioning.

Realtek RTL8029/8029AS Features:
100-pin PQFP
Pin-to-pin compatible with RTL8029
16K byte SRAM built in
Compliance to PCI V2.1
PCI local bus single-chip Ethernet controller
Supports Full-Duplex Ethernet function to double channel bandwidth
Built-in data perfect function to improve performance
Built-in 10BaseT transceiver
Supports auto polarity correction for 10BaseT
Supports Boot ROM function for PCI bus
Supports 8K, 16K and 32K Boot ROM size Use 9346 to store resource configurations and ID parameters
Capable of programming blank 9346 board for manufacturing convenience
Support 4 diagnostic LED pins with programmable outputs

System Req: Windows NT 4 SP 6Windows 2003 SP 1Windows XP AMD 64-bitWindows XP 64-bit SP 1Windows NT 4 SP 2Windows 2000 SP1Windows 2003 64-bitWindows 2003 AMD 64-bitWindows XP 64-bit SP 2Windows NT 4 SP 3Windows 2000 SP 2Windows Server 2003 x64 R2Windows, Win 2000.

Download Realtek RTL8029AS Ethernet Drivers

Operating System Download Drivers & Utilities
Windows 2000/ME/XP/2003/7 RTL8029AS driver download
Windows for Workgroups RTL8029AS driver download
Windows 98 RTL8029AS driver download
Windows NT 4.0 RTL8029AS driver download
Unixware 7.x RTL8029AS driver download
Novell server driver RTL8029AS driver download
Help for installation RTL8029AS driver download

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