Skype Latest Version Free Download for Windows 7 64 bit

Skype free download for windows 7 64 bit full version Review:

Skype is software by which you can make voice calls and video calls also to anyone through internet.

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With the help of Skype you can call to your friends or colleagues free of cost, and even call to any landlines and cell phones also. You can even make conference calls with three to more peoples with the help of Skype. You can also send instant messages, transfer your files and chat with your friends in video conference. You can call or send messages at anyplace of the world even at Day or Night time by using the using a debit-based user account system. You can even make unlimited calls or send messages by subscribing at limited countries only.

To run Skype on your PC or Mac computer is easy, all you need is an internet connection, a phone connected to transfer your calls and a webcam to make video calls. Skype is for Linux, Mac OS X computers and PDAs using Pocket PC.

Skype Main Features:
• You can make free calls to Skype to Skype.
• You can make Free calls to landlines, cellular phones and send SMS also
• You can also make Forward calls to a phone when you’re offline.
• You can make Free video calls and voice mails also
• You can make instant messaging at Free of cost.
• Adding or Changing My Picture
• Calling landlines and mobiles
• Sending files with Skype
• Chat and group chat
• Conference calls
• Call forwarding
• Online numbers
• Skype Voicemail
• Skype widget
• Video calling
• Skype Prime

Minimum System Requirements for Skype:
* PC running Windows 2000 or XP
* 400 MHz processor
* 128 MB RAM
* 15 MB free disk space on your hard drive
* Sound Card, speakers and microphone
* Internet Connection

For latest Skype Version you need at least 800MHz CPU and if you want to use USB devices like USB headset or
camera you need some more 200MHz just to stay below 80% CPU usage.
Higher CPU usage can cause multiple problem till freezing of the system.
Skype still not willing to update this requirements.
This was valid only up to version 1.2 in some cases up to 1.3

Skype Recommended System Requirements for version 2.0 with video calls:

* PC running Windows 2000 or XP
* 1 GHz processor
* 512 MB RAM
* 30 MB free space on your hard drive
* Full duplex sound card (most sound cards made after 1998), headset
* Cable, DSL or equivalent broadband connection to Internet
* A video card with at least 16MB of memory
* A 512/256kbit (down/up) connection.

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