Typing Master Free Download for PC Windows 7

Typing Master Free Download for PC Windows 10 Review:

Test Drive Typing Master is a complete, fully-featured, typing application by which you can learn and improve your typing skills.

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With the help of the Typing Master Software, you can improve your typing skills It has a user-friendly interface that guides to complete the lessons. Typing Master program, type to learn typing master will teach you the positions of the letter keys. After completing you will be able to type with all 10 fingers without looking at a keyboard.

Typing Master There are 3 steps to continue your courses:
1. Touch Typing Course
2. Launch satellite
3. Speed Building course
4. Numbers, SpeciakMarks and 10-key pad
The program will teach you where the each finger should be before starting to write a text and it will also show how to move your fingers to get the speed as possible.

Typing Master Features:

5 typing courses with free opening lessons
Typing tests with a complete result report
Typing games for learning with fun
Satellite – a unique real life analysis tool
Custom text support
Multi-user support
Warm-up games
Personal result history
Printable typing certificates

Typing Master System Requirements:
All for 32/64-bit Windows versions including:
800 x 600 display (High color)
32 MB memory, 15 MB disk space.

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