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Ultra Edit is leading and most popular mighty text editor it supports the programmer’s editor, and hex editor and supports all major programming language /coding  like PHP, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, c/c++……etc. it can manipulate and alter the files of 4 gigabytes. Before buying a license a user can experience the fully functional Application of Ultra Edit Text Editor in a trial pack and it is a supporter of Hex editing features.

Ultra Edit Text Editor, Ultra Edit Text Editor Download, free Ultra Edit Text EditorUltra Edit supports the Windows 2000 and later platform and it can plow a 64-bit file in 32-bit windows platform.
The key features of Ultra Edit Text Editor is
Find and replace features
Programming/web development features
Advanced features
Hex editing features

Text editing features:
Ultra Edit supports a editing a file larger than 4GB+, the usage of ram is minimum
Even for megabyte files. More than 1000,000 words spell and checker while typing and a multi foreign languages support.

Find and replace features:

  • The option Find and replace comes with more advance in Ultra Edit Text Editor
  • Than other editors and the dialogs like find and replace can support the Unicode option .

Programming/web development features:

  • It supports the full FTP option
  • In the 32-bit it automatic logon and save the FTP servers in a multi account Settings
  • it can link the local folder, upload, download ,remote the folder from the local system and remote system
  • Its supports the Code Folding, CSS style builder, A Special XML Manager supporter, Project supporter C tags, CSE HTML Valuator, templates……etc

Advanced features:

  • its supports all the major features like  ASCII table, MSI Installer, configurable key-mapping,
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy access, scripting language, encryption/decryption for a file,
  • Ultra Compare Professional cans access the comparison for more than two ways of folder comparison
  • It supports the CSV file, the option like Backup and auto-save is built

UltraEdit text editor for Linux
Support Operating Systems:
Linux. Specific distribution packages are available for Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Red Hat.

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