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USB Safely Remove Free Download  for Windows 7 Review:

USB mass storage device class is a set of consistent transmission of protocols which are defined by the USB to carryout the Forum that run on the USB. With the help of USB the user can attach devices to a computer. USB Safely Remove is a Universal Serial Bus Device Manager. It saves time and increase the capacity of the user to work with pen drives, USB devices, USB packet Hard disks, flash drives, portable drives, card readers, USB webcam and other gadgets also.

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You have connected with several devices to your system; it is quite difficult to detect the devices which are to be stopped as most of the devices have the same names “USB mass storage devices”. Besides, Windows does not allow you hide a device which you doesn’t want to stop it from the menu. It saves you from these problems. It has a multi-functional (which combines several functions in one unit) menu which shows the current devices names with their icons. So, you can easily find and stop a device in a Snap. When you have met the situation, when the Windows does not allow you to remove a device? The Universal Serial Bus Safely Remove will display the program which prevent the devices from stopping and allows only closing these programs or the files which are opened on the device. With the help of only one shortcut keys you can view and even stop devices. By pressing the key combination (WIN+S by default), the stop menu will be displayed.

You can use Up or Down keys to select the universal serial bus device as you need and press enter to stop the device or Ctrl B to open and view the contents of the devices. You can also use a Command line: usr.exe for safe removal.

Also, this menu allows you to:
•Rename a device
•Change a device image
•Hide a device from the menu
•Scan for hardware changes
•Stop all devices at once

USB Safely Remove Features:
1).Let you manage drive letters,
2).Ability to mount storage devices as a NTFS folder,
3).has System tray icon hiding: when there are no devices to be stopped,
4).volume labels instead of USB device names,
5).Exploring device drives in an alternative file manager.

Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/2003/XP
Version: 5.3.5, Size: 5.4 MB
USB Safely Remove free 30 day trial

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