WinPatrol 26.0.2013 for Windows 8

The Win Patrol has developed the new and advanced Host Based Intrusion Prevention System abbreviated as HIPS. These HIPS usually take the snapshots of the critical system resources and hence alerts the user to any precise change needed that may even occur without the knowledge of the user.

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The Win Patrol was considered as pioneer in using a heuristic behavioral approach to the detecting attacks and violations of the computing environments. The Win Patrol controls and continues to be the most Powerful System Monitor for its memory footprint. The Win Patrol’s easy tabbed interface usually allows the user to explore deep inside the computer without having to be a counterpart and computer expert. A onetime investment in the Win Patrol PLUS offers a unique experience that a user may not find in any other software.

The onetime fee includes all future Win Patrol versions and there is no hidden or recurring subscription fee. There would be no separate toolbars and other unwanted software required like other Antivirus does offer.

WinPatrol Info:
(Window XP, Vista, Windows 7 including x64 support)

WinPatrol 2013 for Windows 8 now Available!



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