WIRE SHARK – Network Protocol Analyzer

Wire shark 1.4 is a world’s prominent network protocol analyzer. And this software can Used only for trouble shooting, analysis and all education instructions and development. This software was not support all windows 2000.xp.

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If you are using this software the Packet list internals have been revised and are now more professional. Now a day’s people generally using the columns, because of it is very easier to use. It is able to support all manual IP address revolution .while using wireshark 1.4 the columns with seconds can how it could be displayed as hours, minutes and seconds. Wireshark and tshark can allows 802.11 monitor style straight if you have libpcap 1.0.0 or greater .as well as you can play with RTP streams straight from the RTP scanned window. Now this wire shark 1.4 command line options are jump to timestamp. Wireshark 1.4 is directly open with JPEG files.

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