Zoo Tycoon 2 Download for Windows 7

Zoo Tycoon 2 is an ultimate and thrilling game with the four packs.
1. Extinct Animals
2. Marine Mania
3. Endangered Species and
4. African Adventure
These 4 packs are combined to form a one collection of your zoo.

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Zoo Tycoon 2 includes more than 100 awesome animals which includes wild, domestic, birds, and marine and more – from lion, tigers to monkeys, zebra, Cow, dogs to horses, Peacock, parrot to bats, vultures, Color fishes to dolphins, whales. Zoo Tycoon 2 also includes the species of dinos includes T. rexes to the spiky doedicurus. You can even create marine shows and built your own zoo also. Zoo Tycoon 2 the Ultimate game play now.

Extinct Animals
In Zoo Tycoon 2 game, you can bring the animals which are extinct to life, by digging the set out you can assemble the fossils and bring them to your extinct research lab.You can create a palatial prehistoric exhibit and can become an animal disease detective and cures them as well. You can use the tranquilizer gun to take a time out on a tantrum- prone T.rex dinos.

Marine Mania

In this, you can experience the world of ocean with the animals of marine kingdom. You can train the marine animals, and then you can amaze your guests with the splashy marine shows. You can ride underwater on sea turtle. You can even rob a pirate’s booty of scenery and the buildings in your marine world.

African Adventure
You can create a multi species exhibit which includes animals of Africa jungles; you can even add predators so you may feel the ecosystem as Savannah. You can feel in the Great Plains of Africa by observing the great beasts and other animals. The SAFARI mode by the themed jeep vehicle lets you take the guest to view the animals safely.

Endangered Species
You can save the endangered species and world’s rarest animals in zoo by creating the conservation areas and the breeding centers for your animals. You can send your guest by exhibiting in sky trams, over beautiful bridges and more. You can add an active volcanoes, dark caves with bat and nightmares, and excitingly strange habitats, then later you can introduce your guests to the rare species.

Zoo Tycoon 2
Zoo Tycoon 2 world popular game and a cornerstone (a quoin) title of the ultimate collection. You can get close to animals by soothing, grooming, and, by cleaning up the poop (eww = Extreme wind warning). You can create your own zoo and make the guests satisfied and also to carryout the with five-star reputation of a true zoo tycoon. So, enjoy building your own Zoo Tycoon.

Zoo Tycoon 2 System Requirements:
• Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
• Multimedia PC with a 733 MHz processor
• 256 MB RAM
• 900 MB of available hard disk space
• Quad-speed or higher CD-ROM drive
• 16 MB 3D DirectX9.0 or later.


Adults move faster


Build a lot of coffee stands and the adults will walk around your zoo faster and buy more things

Tiger Shark


To get a tiger shark put a white shark and a goblin shark together in an exhibit. Then put a large coastal rock, save and exit from the game. Go back in and you will see a tiger shark in the exhibit.

Name Cheats


Name a guest the following:
dr dolittle – the animals get pregnant faster
akiyama – every challenge complete

Dino Codes


Most people think that if you get 10-50 percent in the dinosaur lab is random but its not. See below for information about how to get certain animals in the Dino Lab.

3 correct buttons Squirrel
4 correct buttons Giant Monarch
5 correct buttons Bull frog
6 correct buttons Bull frog
7 correct buttons killer penguin
8 correct buttons Bull frog
9 correct buttons Another bull frog
10 correct buttons Spring hare
11 correct buttons killer penguin
12 correct buttons spring hare
13+ saber tooth cat
Bailout 1 Million Boom Bux.

Walk faster:


While in Zoo Guest mode, enter the code to walk faster (run).

Hold [Cursor Forward] + Left Mouse Button Walk faster

Money code


To get more money, enter the code and win money! Warning: Do this. cheat before putting anything in your zoo, otherwise it will be ruined

Hold down shift and number 4 Easy money

Walk faster


While in Zoo Guest mode, hold to walk faster (run).

[Cursor Forward] + Left Mouse Button Walk faster

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