A Vampire Romance – Paris Stories 1.0

A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories is a game of love story in city “Paris” for Mac users.

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About A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories:

Vampire Romance: Paris Stories is a game of a love story- a beautiful girl and a dynamic boy.

Live a forbidden love story in Paris!

It is a story of a young and beautiful foreigner; “Leila Saraostre”.She came to her neighborhood, “Montmatre” in Paris, to pursue her studies at the art school of the louvre.

In her school, she suddenly meets a young and enigmatic boy “Uriel Ruthven”. She falls in love with him.

Uriel takes her around the beautiful city of Paris.

Suddenly, he disappears in a mysterious manner.

This is the starting story… of the game.

Now, your goal is to discover Uriel’s strange secret and find him.

Vampire Romance: Paris Stories is an adventures and thrilling game.

As playing as Leila, you must find Uriel after his sudden disappearance. She will do her best to find him. She takes her own risk, daringly goes in the darkness of the Catacombs…

Catacombs are the, cemeteries of the early Christians and existing Jews, arranged in large extent of   subterranean vaults and galleries.

The hidden secret, they hide turned out to be more dangerous and dreadful.

To Know and discover what’s the end of story. You must play the entire game alternatively as Leila and the as Uriel. It gives you a thrill of fantastic adventures in the game.

Useful Hints:

A shiny Halo: It’ll help you to find one of the hidden objects.

No hints? Or

Having less time?

You can find the hidden bonus stars to get more hints or time.

It also includes many more features.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Intel Processor

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