The Another BitTorrent Client which is usually abbreviated as ABC is a form of a free software and an open source Bit Torrent Client that are based on Bit Tornado. It usually supports a queuing system with major priority,

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local and global per torrent preference setting for casual downloading torrent which includes upload and download rate limit, three upload options with a completed file to do and a complete system named Upload Rate Manager usually abbreviated as URM in order to force torrents out of any queue if there would be no pre set amount upload activity. There is also an additional extension web interface in the ABC which allows other application to view and edit torrents and preferences remotely. The other BitTorrent Clients like Tribler, Incoming transmission and Torrent Swapper are building on the concept of ABC.

The ABC may not appear to be under the development and hence they appear to be dead software. The latest version released under this software.

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