Acer eAudio Management for Windows 7

Acer eAudio Management for Windows 7 Download Review:

ACER EAUDIO MANAGEMENT is the audio driver software. This software is developed for compatible sound cards. It supports Windows® operating system. Acer laptops come with this audio driver which delivers high quality audio.

Acer eAudio Management v2.5

It allows users to adjust audio environments with suitable equalisers like pop, rock, jack and much more. Supports 5.1 channel surround audio. Provides speech recognition in PC, voice recording with input lines like microphone, and headphones for audio out. Playback CD, DVD audio discs with high definition audio.

ACER EAUDIO MANAGEMENT software is available in beta versions. The new version is compatible with all ACER notebooks. This software provides best audio with different channels, sound effects and adjustable volume controls. Supports Analog and Digital audio conversions. Playback recorded audio files in most music players with compatible audio formats like WAV, MP3. Supports codec plug-ins for encoding and decoding audio files with different frequencies and bit rate. Also provides 3D sound effect.

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