Audacity Free Download for Windows 8.1

Audacity Free Download for Windows 8 64 bit Review:

Audacity is free software and it is used to edit as well as record the audio files. Actually, the Audacity was developed by Dominic Mazzini when he was a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. Dominic Mazzini is currently working for Google but he is the main developer for Audacity.


The Audacity software is available for you windows, LINUX, Mac OS X and other operating systems. Recently audacity released new version 1.3.12 and it is for advanced users such as windows 7, vista, XP and many more others. With the latest version of Audacity you will get more attractive advantages. One of the best advantage is you can edit the files within shot span of time. So, you will be able to save lot of time with the help of Audacity new version. To get the service of Audacity first you have to install that particular software into your system.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows Windows 1.3.12

best version for Windows 7 and Vista

Mac Mac OS X

1.3.12 (Universal Binary)

best version for OS X 10.6

Linux Linux/Unix

1.3.12 (in source code)

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