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AUDIOGRABBER is encoding audio software delivers high quality digital audio. Supports all audio formats like WAV, MP3 and other formats. Music editors can grab the audio from Compact discs.

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Provides recording audio feature and save the recorded file in MP3 and WAV audio formats. This software provides significant advantages like easy to use, flexible and configurable, read digital audio from CD ROM drives, detects track list, and rips karaoke tracks. Fixes corrupted track lists. This software enables to rearrange audio tracks, maintains internet track list database. AUDIOGRABBER 1.83 is available with latest features like normalize, make MP3, line in sampling, compares two files, calculates check sum, maintain CD track list, copy track list, Refresh track list, Grab audio with one click, test audio for any errors. Provides general settings, MP3 settings, normalize settings, CDDB settings, MP3 playback, and Shuffle audio track list in player. CDDB provides CD information, get track list from CDDB from internet, can save the track list by submitting to CDDB.

Significant advantages in Audiograbber 1.83:
A nice and easy understandable user interface.
A good helpfile with descriptions of all functions and settings.
The program is very flexible and configurable and still easy to understand.
It works with almost all CD-ROM drives that can read digital audio.
Last but not least: it is free!

Download Audiograbber (freeware):

* Audiograbber 1.83 Special Edition
(Includes English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian languages, English and German helpfiles).

Download MP3 Plugin for Audiograbber:

* Audiograbber MP3 Plugin

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