CloneDVD – DVD Movie Backup Software

CLONEDVD 4 is the software application launched to copy movies and backup with DVD quality. Uses transcoding technology for copying movies with high speed, Compresses long movies and maintains high quality for both audio and video.

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The key features of this software are copies movie and stores in hard disk or DVD recordable media. Better picture quality with transcoding technology, impressive speed, select DVD titles, include original menu, language selection, video preview, chapter trimming, adjustable target size, maintains session settings,  picture snapshots, real time bit rate, logging window, preview while writing, removal of layer break, visual quality control, chapter splitting, unique film strip guide, quality bars, frame statistics, configuration settings. CLONEDVD4 software is simple and easy to use. It works on all DVD players. Compatible with DVD RW optical disk drive media. It is stable and fast. The system requirements for this software are, works on Windows® operating system, DVD RW optical disk drive,  128MB RAM, requires 5GB temporary hard disk space.

Supported Target

  • DVD disc (DVD-5, DVD-9)
  • DVD folder on hard disk
  • DVD Image ( ISO)
  • AVI, ASF, 3GP for Smart Phone, MP4 for Apple iPod, MP4 for Sony PSP

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