Crawler Toolbar – Misleading Security Application

With the help of the crawler toolbar 5.1, one can extend the internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox and hence have fun and enhancing experience in browsing the internet from the secured computer through privacy. The following are some of the features offered by the Crawler toolbar to the users.

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1)    They can quickly search the web without even waiting the search tie from the crawler toolbar.
2)    They have the availability to choose from many free services.
3)    User can hence speed up his download speed.
4)    With the help of a single click, user can fill up the forms.
5)    People can get free wall papers and screen savers.
6)    They can hence prevent spyware, virus and other spam infections from the crawler toolbar.
7)    Any spelling mistake in the text can be easily brought to notice.
8)    The main feature of the toolbar is the option of the multi language support.

Enjoy Cool Functions!
* Quickly search the web
* Choose from many free services
* Speed up your downloads
* Fill in web forms with a single click
* Get free wallpapers & screensavers
* Prevent spyware, virus and spam infection
* Check spelling in your messages
* Multilanguage support

Installing Crawler Toolbar 5.1 is easy, just follow these steps:
1. Click on the Download Now button.
2. Click on the Open/Run button.
3. Follow the instructions within the installation wizard.

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